OpenTable Meal:  Thursdays at Noon

OpenTable has been described as a "church over a meal." Cityview is privileged to be able to provide a hot, nourishing meal each Thursday afternoon for our low or no income friends in our neighbourhood. Before the meal, spiritual food is provided, too, through a short spiritual talk and challenge.

The OpenTable "Church" is a group of people who have been hit hard by the ruined economy, illness, accident, or the consequences of choices made in their lives. Our desire is to be a channel in meeting the needs of hunger for food, forgiveness, friendship and love through OpenTable.

But this "church" doesn't just come to receive. Many of the OpenTable participants also help to prepare the food, serve, set up tables, or clean up afterwards. The coolest thing about the people who come to OpenTable is that they want to share the love of Jesus and their resources with others. To that end, they sponsor three children through Compassion International. What a great reminder that we all have something to share with others!

Anyone is welcome to join the folks at OpenTable, whether to eat, to help out, or just to sit and soak up some grace.